October 7th, 2022: an important step for the Papua LNG project

One of the world’s three largest Liquefied Natural Gas player, TotalEnergies is the Operator of the Papua LNG project.

Along with its pre-development phase co-venturers, ExxonMobil and Santos, TotalEnergies has decided to organize a Papua LNG Project Information Session at the Stanley hotel on Friday October 7th 2022.

Over 200 members of the PNG business community attended the event, which was also transmitted live to allow interested parties to follow the Session remotely.

The TotalEnergies Project team came to Port Moresby to meet the business community’s representatives and participate to the first event dedicated to the Papua LNG project in Papua New Guinea.

Emmanuel Hyest, the Papua LNG project Director, with Ashley Hair from ExxonMobil were both present on stage to introduce the Papua LNG project, its milestones and planned schedule, the contractual strategy.

The package managers shared detailed information on the five work packages, i.e., the Central Processing Facilities and Well Pads; Onshore Pipelines; Offshore Pipelines; Logistics; and Early Works and Infrastructures scopes that counts the Papua LNG project.

The second part of the event was dedicated to TotalEnergies and its coventurers commitment to maximize the participation of the PNG businesses during the Project, and some local business opportunities related to the Early Works and Infrastructure Package were shared.

This event represented an important step for the Papua LNG project.

TotalEnergies, ExxonMobil and Santos will lead regular engagements throughout the Papua LNG project to share clear, relevant, and timely information to PNG companies.