Port Moresby Supply Base and Port for Resource Project Staging

The PNG Business and Logistics Park is operating as a ‘supply base’ for an increasing number of tenants keen to take advantage of its location, modern port, and facilities as they stage their projects for the country’s long-anticipated next LNG construction phase.  Perfectly located on Fairfax Harbour between Port Moresby and the expanding LNG plant, the park provides a range of businesses with purpose-built industrial facilities and offices, as well as various accommodation options.  Park tenants benefit from a full suite of on-site logistics services, taking advantage of the park’s project cargo specialisation, as well as its port’s 24/7 operating capacity.

Companies involved in the next LNG construction phase –a mammoth construction project located in some of the world’s remotest terrain – need to do as much preparation and prefabrication as possible in Port Moresby where they can readily access essential infrastructure and services prior to sending project cargo via charter vessel to site.

The PNG Business and Logistics Park enjoys a reputation as the ‘perfect supply base from which to safely and efficiently stage projects for remote resource sector projects’.  It is privately owned and operated by AES, a local company with nearly 70 years’ experience in PNG. 

AES provides its tenants with purpose-built industrial facilities – from cement silos, specialised workshops, and truck loading facilities, to office complexes, warehouses, laydown yards, and more.  Importantly, over half of the 94-hectare park is yet to be developed, which means ample space is available for new tenants or those needing to scale up their operations.

Central to the park’s project staging capabilities is its modern and well-equipped port – ISPS certified – with 540 metres of berth.  Its specialised RoRo facility spans 40 metres of clear ramp and its wharf configuration enables simultaneous loading of RoRo and containerised cargo on the one vessel.

With 24/7 capacity – 365 days a year, an in-house stevedoring team and its own power supply, the AES port doesn’t ‘sleep’.  Moreover, it is home to an extensive fleet of specialised equipment, including ‘back up’ equipment and an onsite workshop to mitigate delays due to scheduled or unanticipated maintenance.   Regular investments are made in new port infrastructure and equipment, such as a recently installed 100-tonne weighbridge.

The PNG Business and Logistics Park specialises in project cargo and has considerable experience servicing the oil and gas sector.  It supports staging of upstream and downstream projects, as well as onshore and offshore projects, playing a significant role in the safe and efficient transportation of all sorts of project cargo (e.g., prefab camps, bridge trusses, trucks, cranes) around the country for its oil and gas clients. 

The PNG Business and Logistics Park’s philosophy of ‘making business easy’ is evident in its inclusion of a 300-person camp and 45-house accommodation complex.  Park tenants also enjoy the convenience of a HACCP-certified restaurant and mess, as well as a range of recreation facilities.

Tenants value the complete package offering of the park in that they can work there, stage their projects there, store their equipment, ship their project cargo direct from its port, as well as live there.  The PNG Business and Logistics Park is not only making doing business in PNG possible (especially for international tenants), but as easy as possible. To learn more about the PNG Business and Logistics Park, including its private port, project staging and project cargo capabilities: www.aespng.com

Caption: The PNG Business & Logistics Park provides tenants with the perfect strategic location and operational base for project staging.  Specialising in project cargo, the park and its port is ‘making business easy’ in PNG.  Pictured is one of the tankers that regularly transfer an average of 300,000 litres of fuel into a park tenant’s 5,000,000 litre, purpose-built storage tank