JICA Volunteers contribute to improve math and science classes in Papua New Guinea!

JICA has dispatched more than 800 volunteers to Papua New Guinea. Mr. Todaka, one of the volunteers, has much experience as a Primary School Teacher in Japan. After his arrival in PNG, August 2023, he has been doing his activities as a Math and Science teacher at Sogeri Primary School and also supporting other teachers by advising teaching skills and developing teaching materials.

Until recent years, there were no standardized textbooks for teaching Math and Science in PNG, and teaching methodology was not standardized either. JICA implemented the “Project for Improvement of Quality of Mathematics and Science Education” from 2016 to 2020, in which National standardized textbooks in Math and Science for Grades 3 to 6 were developed. Mr. Todaka also uses these materials and develops supplementary teaching materials by himself for his volunteer activities.

In November, a mission with the members consisting of the Department of Education (DOE) and the Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (DHERST) observed his teaching class. They saw children were actively learning in his class. Mr. Ainui, Deputy Secretary, DOE, expressed his gratitude upon the class and mentioned that this teaching style, in which a teacher is just a facilitator and students are centered as learner, should be disseminated among teachers in PNG.

In addition, JICA has been supporting the “Project for Strengthening Primary Teacher Pre-service Education in Mathematics and Science” from 2020 to 2024. In this project, teaching methods and materials are being developed in cooperation with DOE and DHERST. JICA volunteers are also involved in these activities.

JICA hopes these activities of volunteers and projects in cooperation with the schools and relating authorities will contribute to “Achieving Quality Education for All”.