Papua LNG & Don Bosco Technical School MoU leading to the Introduction of the first batch of Students

Earlier in June, Don Bosco Technical School (DBTS) entered a Memorandum of Understanding with TotalEnergies EP PNG (TEP PNG) as operator of the Papua LNG project, to receive assistance through a scholarship program.

The program was rolled out last month, with scholarships available to students studying technical trades at DBTS and the event today, was an opportunity for the team at Papua LNG to meet the Ninety (90) successful scholarship recipients.  

In addition to the ninety (90) currently enrolled students who were offered scholarship opportunities this year, the program is set to offer spots to a second cohort of 90 students next year.

Papua LNG is once again excited to partner with another technical institution, to work towards one of the pillars of the National Content strategy of the Project: Workforce Development.

Priority for scholarship spots will be given to students from Gulf province and then extended to other provinces, in an effort to work towards optimising opportunities for young Papua New Guineans, who may be eligible to roles during the construction and production phase of the Project and beyond.

TEP PNG Managing Director Jean-Marc Noiray explained at the MOU signing that priority is given to students from Gulf because a lot of the youth, often miss out on great chances.

“I do believe that every human being is born with the same amount of potential and some are lucky enough to develop it whilst others are not.”

TotalEnergies EP PNG Managing Director Jean-Marc Noiray

He further reminded the students at the event today to use their educational opportunities to be exemplary community members, further encouraging them to register with the WAN PNG job portal once they have graduated from their courses to ensure that their skills are utilised.

Papua LNG have made an earlier commitment to donate Information Technology equipment to Don Bosco, to be used by the students in workshops for practical use and this was done so today.